in 2022, one of the last knitwear manufacturers in the paris region created nitto knitwear. behind this brand hides a virtuoso know-how that has been article

The manufacturing at Nitto Knitwear

Contrary to what you might think, the first step in creating a sweater is not the drawing. It is rare that one makes a sketch of the garment. It is article

The workshop

The workshop is more than 50 years old, or rather it is the company that is 50 years old since my grandfather started knitting in 1972 in his garage article

Care instructions : fall collection

washing of sweaters : to avoid any surprise when washing your sweater, (we think of shrinkage), we propose to advise you on the care of your garment. article

Care instructions : summer collection

Wool and cotton are two natural materials that react differently to water and heat. Here are some tips for properly washing and caring for your Nitto article